Learn Surgical Skills

In order to develop the surgeons of tomorrow, Surgia focuses on your skills today. With multiple skills sessions covering everything from basic suturing to airway management, Surgia creates an environment supported by professionals to teach you the techniques you need to know.

Pathways to Surgery

Like any great journey, failing to map your path leaves you open to uncertainty. With our academic events lead by experienced surgeons and those knowledgable in training pathways, Surgia are here to help navigate the winding roads of post-university career planning.

Member Deals

Surgia offers its members a number of benefits through our sponsors. Cheap coffee, free chips, and many more offers are our way of thanking our members for their support. Keep an eye on the growing list of partners willing to spoil our Surgia members.

Creating and Inspiring the Surgical Leaders of Tomorrow.


Through grassroots development and innovative action, the Surgical Interest Association will create and inspire the surgical leaders of tomorrow and will enhance surgical care and access in the community.


The Surgical Interest Association will promote the profession of surgery by providing information, resources and potential networking opportunities to Medical students, staff and alumni who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of surgery.

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